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Let's find some grocerys takeway's near you.

IntShop was a great opportunity for a new kind of ecommerce app and so it needed to be built on the right technology. It was clear that the client would demand high performance and so we spent a short but intense period researching how to deliver an eye-pleasing and fast order management system with web and mobile apps to compliment the overall marketing strategy.

What´s behind this app?

For IntShop, like every website we develop, we used the latest user interface design techniques coupled with fashionable and cutting edge technology to ensure the customer experience is easy and enjoyable. As a contact portal, the entry point into the order platform, for order tracking, or just to find out about the company, the website design and usability were optimised for Intshop’s customers, staff, and suppliers.

Lead Designer
(by Aixsystem)
UX Design
UI Design


Near and opened
shops, only.

Categories and Reviews

Find specials offers,

Your Basket

You never loose
your items.

And keep manage the best way to collect your items,
on shop or in home.

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This is the prototype created on Invision for this project.

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